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We Love to

Make You Smile.. SAFELY 

Your health is important to us, and to protect you and our community Roma has completed the Queen's University "INFECTION PREVENTION AND CONTROL" (IPAC) Program in 2020.



At DHwR We Follow Public Health Ontario and 

CDHO Guidelines

  • Hand Sanitizer at Entrance
  • Full Risk Assessment Interview Performed Before Treatment
  • No Papers, Magazines, Toys Etc. in Waiting Room
  • Barrier at Front Desk, All Surfaces and Washroom Cleaned Between Patients
  • Full Floor to Ceiling Walls (No Open Concept)
  • Proper PPE Used
  • Fallow Time Between Patients is a Minimum of 30 Minutes
  • Air Purifier in Room Filters Air 4.9 Times per Hour
  • All Instruments are Sterilized, Dated and Kept in Pouches Until Use (opened in front of patient)
  • All Other Items are Single Use and Disposed Of
  • All Equipment in Reprocessing Area is Monitored and Logged as per CDHO Guidelines

Book an appointment today! Our services are available to patients in Midland, Ontario and its surrounding areas.

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