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DENTAL HYGIENE with ROMA is an independent Dental Hygiene practice providing in-office,  mobile and home visits to patients in the Midland and surrounding area.


What Is An Independent Dental Hygiene Practice?

On September 1, 2007, the Ontario Legislature facilitated increased public access to Dental Hygiene Services by proclaiming the amendment to the Dental Hygiene Act, 1991. This means that Dental Hygienists who are authorized by the CDHO, to self initiate are free to decide, based upon a comprehensive assessment to proceed with scaling teeth without permission from the dentist.​

This legislation validates that removal of the order from the Act would satisfy the public interest principles of access, equality, accountability and quality of care. 


Midland Reader’s Choice

Voted Midland’s Favourite Hygienist for many years.

Nominated for Meridian Women of Excellence Award

2020 Finalist in the CDHA SUPERHERO Competition, 1 of 20 Hygienists in Canada

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